More flexible navigation

A series of instruments designed to be compatible with the Medtronic Synergy Experience StealthStation® System S7 Version 2.1.0 and allow the navigation of bone preparation instruments and pedicle screws in the spine. 

System Features

Vital Navigation instruments are to be used during the preparation and placement of Vital and Vitality screws during spinal surgery to assist the surgeon in precisely locating anatomical structures in either open or minimally invasive procedures.


  • Uninterrupted navigation facilitated by a freely
    rotating adaptor
  • Compatible with multiple navigation-ready systems
  • All instruments are compatible with the Vitality and Vital Systems
  • All Medtronic arrays within the NavLock® set are compatible with the Vital Navigation System instruments
  • Instruments provided in the Vital Navigation System are for bone preparation, tapping, and screw insertion.
  • Nav PAT and Nav PASIT Styluses for use with the Vital MIS PAT Handle for MIS direct tapping or Direct-to-screw option.


Important Information

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