3i Osseotite Implants

Proven Clinical Success

  • The Osseotite Surface has more than 10 years of documentation from numerous global multi-center clinical studies1-6 and meta-analyses.7-8
  • Clinical studies on the Osseotite Surface continue to document the benefits of increased contact osteogenesis, especially in poor-quality bone.6
  • Characterized by a 1 to 3 micron peak-to-peak surface created by a unique acid-etch process, the Osseotite Surface features are precisely sized to entangle the fibrin strands of the blood clot.


A Five-Year Study

Full Osseotite Dental Implants And Peri-Implantitis

  1. A five-year prospective, multicenter, randomized-controlled study of the incidence of peri-implantitis for hybrid-DAE and fully-DAE implants.10
  2. Considerations for potential benefits of extending the DAE surface to the seating surface led to this prospective randomized-controlled study designed to assess the risk and incidence of peri-implantitis for fully-DAE-surfaced implants (Full Osseotite/FOSS).

Features & Benefits

Comprehensive Clinical Research

  • One of the Most Well-Researched Dental Implant Surfaces on the Market Today
  • Numerous Studies Report 98% Cumulative Success Rates6

The Osseotite Surface

  • Demonstrates High Contact of Implant with New Bone
  • Human Histology with Demonstrated High Bone-To-Implant Contact9
3i Osseotite Implants

Osseotite Tapered Ex Hex Dental Implant Drilling & Placement Protocol

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