TM Implant

Scientifically Super...Natural

  • The BioBoost Effect is a multiplication of naturally-occurring growth factors to deliver faster healing and earlier bone formation than traditional dental implants.1-8
  • The BioBoost Effect, only available on the Trabecular Metal Dental Implant, is the result of a proprietary combination of cancellous-like porosity and highly-biocompatible tantalum.9-11
  • With mounting evidence of this clinical advantage in Rapid Recovery, Risk Management, and Revision Therapy cases, harness the healing power of the BioBoost Effect and take your practice to the next level.





The BioBoost Effect

  • Rapid Recovery - Accelerate healing with a 2-week final loading protocol.12-15
  • Risk Management - Expand treatment in poor bone and impaired healing.16-26
  • Revision Therapy - Leverage the healing advantage in dental implant replacement.


Trabecular Metal Technology

What is Trabecular Metal Technology?

  • Trabecular Metal Technology is a three-dimensional material, not an implant surface or coating.
  • Trabecular Metal Material is similar to cancellous bone4-6
  • Trabecular Metal Material is made of tantalum, element number 73 in the periodic table.

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