Particulate Allograft

Puros Ci is a unique combination of cancellous, cortical and demineralized cortical bone designed for filling bone voids.

  • Tutoplast Process1 - The Tutoplast Process is a proprietary process that preserves biomechanical/biochemical integrity and native tissue structure.
  • Cancelle SP Process1 - The Cancelle SP Process is a proprietary process that sterilizes DBM while simultaneously allowing it to maintain its OI potential.

The Proprietary Tutoplast® Process

The proprietary Tutoplast process assures the highest standard of tissue quality with minimal risk of disease transmission.

That’s why, for over 40 years, Tutoplast processed tissues have been used in more than five million procedures.8

The Benefits Of The Multi-Step Tutoplast Process For Puros Particulate Bone Graft
The process preserves the valuable minerals in bone (minerals don’t apply to soft tissues), collagen matrix and tissue integrity while inactivating pathogens and gently removing unwanted materials, such as cells, antigens and viruses8—resulting in predictable, reliable and sterile allografts.

Features & Benefits

  • Ideal Blend1  -  Combination of mineralized and demineralized allograft bone (DBM)
  • Best In Class Processing- Proprietary Tutoplast processing preserves the native collagen matrix of the mineralized particles
  • Trusted Source1  -  Safety and reliability you expect from the Puros Brand
  • Convenient Handling - Quick hydration. Room temperature storage2

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