Non-Resorbable Membranes

High-Density PTFE Membranes

  • d-PTFE Non-Resorbable Textured Membrane
  • Titanium Reinforced d-PTFE Non-Resorbable Membrane
  • d-PTFE Non-Resorbable Membrane
  • Titanium Nitride-Coated Mesh (Only Available in North America)

Features & Benefits

OsseoGuard PTFE Titanium-Reinforced Membranes: 

  • Grade 1 titanium, lightweight framework - Easy to form in three dimensions and retains no memory, allowing for passive fit
  • Two Handling Options And 15 Different Shapes To Meet Your Clinical Needs

OsseoGuard PTFE Non-Textured Membranes: 

  • Soft tissue attaches, but doesn’t grow through the membrane - Exposed membrane allows for non-surgical removal; no anesthesia required

OsseoGuard PTFE Textured Membranes: 

  • Non-Resorbable - Does not resorb prematurely – you dictate healing time

Additional Information

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