Barrier Membranes

  • Resorbable collagen membranes made with highly purified, bovine-derived collagen sourced from safe sources
  • Resorption profile of both membranes long enough to be well suited for GBR procedures
  • Two different levels of drapability so that you can choose the membrane that best meets your needs

Features & Benefits

Long-Term Yet Fully Resorbable

  • The OsseoGuard Membrane is designed for optimal strength, resorption and handling. This membrane is made of highly purified Type I collagen, derived from bovine Achilles Tendon.

Flexibility Meets Strength

  • The OsseoGuard Flex Membrane is designed for optimal strength and drapability, resorption and handling. Made of Type I and Type III collagen membranes, highly purified from intact bovine dermis.

Additional Information

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