Engineered For Balanced Resorption

  • IngeniOs Silicated ß-TCP contains advanced silicated particles, which provide an ideal surface for bone forming cells to attach and remodel into host bone.
  • The next generation silicate is designed for resorption over 4-6 months, in balance with replacement of natural bone.* IngeniOs Silicated ß-TCP works with the biologic drivers in autologous PRP, bone marrow or stem cells.

* Resorption time varies and is dependent on a number of factors, including graft location, size and patient factors.


Features & Benefits

  • Designed to enable ingrowth of healthy bone tissue
  • Can be used as graft extender or to add radiopacity and provides balanced, natural resorption within 4-6 months to regenerate mineralized bone
  • Interlocking granules enhance mechanical stability, and minimize micro movement; The distribution of particle sizes and processing prevents early absorption which can cause an inflammatory response that can compromise bone healing

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