Bone Grafts

Designed To Facilitate Maximum Bone Volume Retention

  • Small Granules - 500–1000 µm particle size preferred for grafting smaller defects, such as extraction sockets.
  • Large Granules - 1000–2000 µm particle size preferred for grafting large defects, such as sinus elevations.
  • Conveniently Packaged In Easy-To-Open Dishes - Value Packs (5 ml and 8 ml) are individually packaged in 1 ml containers for single-unit dosing.

Features & Benefits

  • Bovine-derived hydroxyapatite that has been fully deproteinized by a two-step, high-temperature process for protection from bacteria, viruses and prions
  • An essentially non-resorbable material that is ideally suited for regeneration of bone defects when effective space maintenance is required
  • Osseoconductive due to the interconnecting micro and macro pores for bony integration, which facilitate graft stability and vascular ingrowth1

Additional Information

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