Universal Multi-Unit Abutments for 3.5 mm and 4.5 mm TSV®  and TSX™ Implant connections

Biotivity™ A/C Plus Membrane

Growth-factor charged barrier

Biotivity A/C Plus Membrane is a growth-factor rich bioactive barrier derived from human placental tissue. Consisting of the amnion, intermediate, and chorion layers, Biotivity A/C Plus is minimally manipulated using proprietary processing that preserves natural mechanical properties, elasticity, growth factors, and cytokines.1,2

Features & Benefits

Enhancing regeneration, naturally.

Growth-factor charged performance

  • Contains growth factors and cytokines which may contribute to healing1-3
  • Acts as a scaffold for the migration and adhesion of cells4
  • Shown to be antibacterial and non-immunologic5-7

Best-in-class processing  


  • Sterile product never delaminated and minimally manipulated to retain the natural tissue architecture and layers2
  • No antibiotics utilized during processing2
  • Terminally sterilized, SAL 10-6 8

The PLUS of the intermediate layer

  • Natural triple-layer structure contributes to thickness and conformability9-11
  • Enhances handling and stretchability11
  • Provides additional collagen and biological enhancers like hyaluronic acid, shown to facilitate wound healing10-12


The membrane conforms nicely for site coverage or protection from the oral environment and may be suitable in a variety of regenerative procedures:

  • GTR and GBR procedures13-16
  • Socket and ridge preservation17,18
  • Perforations of the Schneiderian membrane19,20
  • Ridge augmentation15,21,22
  • Peri-implant infections23,24

Being a selective barrier, Biotivity A/C Plus Membrane provides a growth factor-enriched matrix that serves for the exchange of nutrients.


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